Day Trips along the Calusa Blueway in Lee County (south of Ft Myers, North of Naples)
Big Hickory Island– Where backwaters and mangrove tunnels meet the beach!  This is next to Lover’s Key State Park   Lost of beach, shallow water, a great easy going paddle for beginners.

Imperial River– Old World Florida river– We start in salt water and move thru brackish to fresh water.  Seeing Black and Red Mangrove trees, Oak, and Palm Trees, Banana and Coconut Palm, Fern as high as a person, and  eventually a beautiful cypress forest. Wildlife may include dolphin, manatee, alligator, and many birds!
day trip

                                            Day Trips in Everglades National Park

Everglades City- Gulf Coast Visitor Center of ENP
A day in the National Park – depending on wind/weather and group skill level we may paddle bays, mangrove tunnels, or cross the big bay to visit an ancient Calusa Shell Mound or even an active rookery.  Wildlife we may see, shark, dolphin, manatee, alligator, ray, and many types birds!

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