Lunch break at low tide

Our multi-day expeditions into the back county of Everglades National Park are truly a unique experience!  FAQ for what is provided, what you bring,   Food Suggestions  Gear Suggestions

Most of our trips are custom trips, arranged by individuals who select a set of dates and do a private trip.  That is about 80% of our business.  To set up a private trip, simply emails us w your name, date desired, how many people and how many days and we will start planning.

We also offer group trips, that anyone can sign up for. They are generally discounted as we have 4-6 participants on a trip, allowing us to pass along savings by having a group.  Here are a few suggestions:

Ten Thousand Islands Everglades National Park  REGISTER

Three Day Trip
15-20 Miles
We meet at the National Park Visitor Center in Everglades City.  Discuss our plans, go over gear and safety equipment, obtain our park permit for camping and then will load our gear into our sea kayaks and head to our campsite.

We generally camp on the beach sites, which allow for a better breeze and gorgeous sunsets and then spend the days paddling thru mangrove forests, tunnels or visit other islands.

On our last day, we have breakfast, have a nice relaxing pack up and then start paddling back to Everglades City.  Depending on the group desire we may spend most of the day out or come back early to catch flights. It is your trip so you pick your return time.

Islands we typically visit or camp at are Jewel, Rabbit, Tiger, or Picnic
These are in the 5-13 mile range.  Most people can do 5-8 miles in calm non windy conditions.  But if we have wind, that might be challenging, so be aware that will affect how far we can travel and your level of fitness can determine how much this is fun vs how much this is work.  We generally have 1-2 tandem kayaks, which allows to paddlers to move one boat, so if you feel this is an option you would like to take advantage of, please let us know well in advance of your trip if you would like to request one. They are also more stable than a single kayak and can hold a lot of gear.

4 Day Trip  REGISTER
20-35 miles
Same as above, but we move campsites at least once.  The extra day opens up more possibilities, like Mormon Key, Watson’s Place,  and Pavilion Key.  Typically we move camp at least twice.

5 Day Trip  REGISTER
35-50 miles
Same as above, up opens it to to Turkey Key, New Turkey Key, Darwin’s Place, or various loops to include many combinations.  Typically we will camp in three distinct areas.


Trip Length 6 days

Includes Kayaks, FL Master Naturalist Guide,  Your vehicle entrance to the park is NOT included (you will be arriving on your own to meet us there)

Where do we go?
We paddle out from Flamingo, we may stop or camp at any of the following, Clubhouse Beach, East Cape, Middle Cape, NW Cape.  These are all beach sites, weather and availability will ultimately determine our exact path.

What might you see?
Alligators, American Crocodiles, Shark, Dolphin, Manatee, Sea Turtles, Wading Birds, Shore Birds ( we can see all of these but of course its nature, there are  not guarantees)

Photography / Nature Weekend  NO Experience Required


Spend a weekend in Nature, and taking in the beauty of our local wildlife and places.

DSC_3791A full weekend learning about the natural areas and local history we have down here in SW FL and the Everglades

CUSTOM Everglades N.P. /10,000 Islands overnight tripsIMG_0192
These dates are set by you, we bring the kayaks, the guide, pay for the park permits, camping and guide you thru Everglades National Park for as many days as you like.

Pricing is at $150 per person per day.  Bring your own camping gear and food or rent from us.

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