Photography – Everglades National Park-Book a custom trip to go at your own pace!  Photographers often want to sit in one spot and wait for a shot, or be up at night photographing the stars, we can do a custom trip for 1 or more photographers and get you into some stunning places!  Please note, we do not teach photography on these trips, they are merely at a photographers pace and  meant to go to some really unique places.
Email us to book a trip! $100 per person for a day, $150 per person per day on multi-day trips.  Kayaks and guide included, if you want to camp, you provide your own gear and food, or do a rental package from us- that is on top of the daily fee! or 239-963-7296

Areas- where we travel depends on how much time you have!
Mangrove Forest
Tidal Flats and Oyster Bars
Barrier Islands
Historical (old homesteads) and Native Areas with Shell Mounds (Middens)

Kayak Camping Overnight Tours

Email to reserved your spot!